A Beginners Guide To Treats

5 Tips to Help You Buy Dog Treats

Dog treats are a booming market however, not all treats that are for sale in the market and specialty pet store are not always safe. Choices range from recalled jerky to puppy pastries which makes it extra hard to figure out what you should and should not give to your dog. If you want to make sure that you are making the right choice and buying nutritional treat that your dog will love, then the tips below are something you should not disregard.

Tip number 1. Follow the 10% rule – say that your dog treat regimen is true to what it says, then there is basically nothing you must feel worried about. As what said by experts, it is highly recommended that the treat is made of no more than ten percent of the day to day intake of your dog from calorie perspective. Assuming that the treat falls in this guideline, then your dogs can get to have balanced and complete diet.

Tip number 2. It is a treat and not a staple – while over the counter or OTC dog foods are expected to be balanced and complete, treats do not need to follow this regulation.

Tip number 3. Seek for nutritional facts – these treats aren’t regulated in the same manner as how dog foods are. Because of this, companies do not need to report the nutritional facts that the treats they make. If for instance that you contact the dog treat company, some might tell you their product’s nutritional breakdown but some will not. Believe it or not, there are even some companies that do not have a clue on the calorie count of their product.

Tip number 4. Search for a reputable company – even though the info is more likely to be murky, purchasing dog treats from a dependable and respectable company is sure to be a very smart choice you can make. This is because of the reason that you can feel confident that their products are of high quality as they are likely following strict quality control and standards. They must have full time veterinary nutritionist and at the same time, be capable to provide the full nutrient profile of their products.

Tip number 5. Pet bakeries – more and more pet bakery is now gaining its momentum in several parts of the country. It is smart to give your four-legged friend a little of it but still, do this with caution.

It is not easy to decide what dog treats to get but with the help of these tips, the stress can be less.

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