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Discover the Different Types of Methamphetamine Commonly Used Today

There is rampant misuse of methamphetamine, a very common drug whose short form is meth. It is sad that the Methamphetamine drug menace is not given as much weight as it should owing to the rise in opioid abuse which is taking all the limelight. Statistics have it that the number of people on meth is the highest in any other illegal drug since time immemorial. The good news is once you realize you or a loved one is addicted to meth there are very reliable addiction treatment services that can be sought. But then again we cannot negate the fact that overdose and misuse of meth is what leads to very many fatal cases reported regularly. Drug abuse is a serious problem that wreaks havoc on otherwise healthy body systems, rendering one weak and fully dependent on the drug. The following are some of the common types of methamphetamine that you will find in the market to help you help a loved one seek help when the signs of overdependence start to creep in.

To get you started, you have to understand that meth is one of those powerful drugs that change the normal brain function. It is no wonder the withdrawal symptoms often start by affecting your brain. Meth also speeds up bodily functions leading to insomnia, irritability, paranoia, aggressiveness, and hallucinations. The reason why you need to learn more about meth so you can find a good treatment service that will make the signs and symptoms of withdrawal less severe.

Crystal meth is the commonest type of meth in the market, available in a very high ad pure form of meth thus justifying its name crystal. Crystal meth is ingested through swallowing, injection, smoking in a pipe or snorting which ends up creating a euphoric rush. Continuous usage of crystal meth leads to psychological issues affecting the nervous system since it increases dopamine in the brain. If no intervention is received, the verbal and motor skills are also adversely affected. There is also the second common type of meth known as glass meth whose chemical composition is very different from crystal meth. This second category is touted as the purest meth you can find in the market, and is loved by many because of its euphoric effect that lasts for up to 24 hours. Of course, the high purity levels means more harmful effects including psychosis, paranoia, teeth grinding, malnutrition and hallucinations among other harmful side effects you will find on when you read this blog. Last but not least we have speed meth which is not pure, it is poorly cut, and very affordable when compared to crystal and glass.

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