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Tips on Preparing BBQ

Sometimes you get requests to deliver BBQ wholesale for an occasion if ever you are a BBQ caterer. Whether you are already an expert in grilling or you are still new and just has your first request, here are some tips that are relevant in guiding you on how to correctly prepare the BBQ.

Make Sure To Keep a Clean Meat

Your top priority when preparing a BBQ should be safety and cleanliness. Not unless until your meat is cooked and ready to be served, you should keep your meat clean and cold. You should never take for granted the essence of quality food, safety, and preparation. If you are a BBQ catering service provider, you have to ensure that you practice hygienic food preparation.

Use the Fit Seasoning For BBQ

Before you brush the grill with cooking oil, you start pre-heating the clean grill first. Afterwards, cover the grill and let it settle for 20 minutes, then clean the grill with a fresh damp cloth. Appropriate seasoning gives a BBQ a better taste.

BBQ’s Lid Position

How you will spice your BBQ will depend if you will cook your BBQ in the oven or on the kitchen cooktop. The BBQ lid could be up or down, in that case. The tip here for you is to consider what you will prefer if you will cook indoor.

Let the Meat be Cooked Through Time

Avoid turning the meat around all too soon. Instead, allow the meat to cook properly by giving it some time and space. Turn the meat once only. In addition, to prevent uneven cooking, do not overcrowd the grill too much. There should be at least a 2 cm distance between the meat. And last, check your gas first if it is enough to cook all your meat because you would not want your cooking to be interrupted.

Do not Poke Holes in the Meat

Avoid poking holes in the meat so as to retain its natural juices. Avoid piercing the sausage skins, too. It is better to use spatulas and tongs rather than forks. And last, avoid mashing down the burgers and meat because doing so drains the natural juice out of the meat and you will have to deal with dried meat.

Give it Time After Cooking

Allow the meat to settle for at least 5 minutes after you are done cooking it. To be guaranteed that the BBQ is juicy and tender, cover the cooked meat loosely with foil.

You can apply these tips too even if you are not a BBQ caterer however, you can save a lot of time and stress if you will instead hire a BBQ caterer for your special event.

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